Transaction State Model

CREATED Transaction initiated by merchant
PENDING Payment process has been initiated, customer is filling in data or payment is in progress in payment channel
CANCELLED Customer has explicitly terminated the payment process – pressed ‘cancel’ button in bank’s payment dialog
EXPIRED Customer has not completed the payment during 30 minutes in PENDING state
APPROVED This state is relevant to to some payment channels only – card payments, Citadele bank-link.

On card payments this means that card data has been already verified, and transaction is waiting now payment.
Regular card payments are however automatically completed.

COMPLETED Transaction has been successfully paid (green light for merchant to deliver goods/services). The funds will be transferred to merchant with next payout
PART_REFUNDED The transaction amount has been partially refunded to the customer
REFUNDED  Transaction has been completely refunded


Refund State Model

Possible transitions
CREATED Refund initiated by merchant


SENT Refund order sent to bank or processor.
Maksekeskus has sent out payment order to respective bank/card network.
Respective amount is reserved in Merchant account at Maksekeskus.


SETTLED Refund order settled by bank or processor.
The money has most probably already reached to customer account.
FAILED can happen only to refunds made to finnish bank-link payments.
See more about complexity of Finnish bank-link refunds
Or in case there was technical error while creating the refund at card payment processor